In the last years the raising complexity of the political and managerial situation brought to transfer responsibilities and duties, once centralized, to Local Bodies of Government, but without providing them with adequate methodologies, tools and training.

The result is that we face a thick jeopardization of the initiatives and an objective difficulty of the Local Administrators to finance the local development or to transfer the opportunities available at a central level (National and/or European) to their competent territory, aiming to convert them in wealth, development and employment.

From the cooperation and the integration of several partners and functions it is nonetheless possible to draw the boost and the additional resources to start up a virtuous circle which can bring to the development and valorization of the territory, creating thus a solid socio-economical substratum

This is our vision of SMART CITY: a Municipality that takes its place in the framework as an active subject, competing to assert and give value to its existence. A SMART CITY wont just be an ordinary place to live, but a specific place where the Citizen will chose to live to get a real value: a value deriving from living there and nowhere else.

SMART CITY is an innovation of the traditional concept of Municipality, evolving from the almost completely ADMINISTRATIVE model to a more MANAGERIAL one.

Governing a Municipality today means not only to manage the available resources at a central level, but also to be able to generate or find new resources, and all this with a more managerial approach than in the past. All this through: OPTIMIZATION OF AVAILABLE RESOURCES; ACCESS TO NEW RESOURCES; VALORIZATION OF AVAILABLE RESOURCES; ATTRACTION OF INTERESTS AND CAPITALS.

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